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Efficiency, Reliability and Flexibility

Umbra Packaging s.r.l. is a company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of packaging systems for bulk products, powder and granular products, in bags of any type, material and size, as well as “big bag” filling systems.

Our Machines

Flexibility, self-control, simplicity of mechanisms, high production rate, protection of the working environment, and resistance to contamination by external products are the strengths of these systems.

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Support Service

Our company, which has always been sensitive to customer needs, is constantly committed to Research & Development, in order to be able to offer a superior quality product in terms of efficiency and technological content.

Case History

Our machines are developed in line with our customers’ specific needs. All machines are assembled and tested in-house, and then commissioned together with the customer.

Our Clients

All our creations and inventions allow customers to have maximum flexibility and efficiency, while significantly decreasing maintenance costs and time.