Umbra Packaging

Umbra Packaging s.r.l. it is based in Umbria, in Petrignano di Assisi. It is a company specializing in the design, development and construction of packaging systems for bulk, powder and granular products, in bags of all types, of any material and size, as well as “big bag” filling systems. The BAGGING and PALLETIZING LINES of Umbra Packaging are made to be used in the most diverse sectors: pet-food; cereal and seed; zootechnical; feed; supplements; vitamins and antibiotics for animals.

The range of packaging machines produced by Umbra Packaging represents the solution to the most varied application needs, combining the main qualities currently required by an increasingly demanding and prepared clientele. Umbra Packaging s.r.l. it is also able to update existing systems, carry out all maintenance activities and provide specific assistance and remote assistance services.

Our Team

The decisive aspect for the success of Umbra Packaging is the strength and unity of the team, which collaborates constantly and tenaciously in order to achieve the common goal of business growth. The company is structured in dedicated departments for each field of application and each client is assigned a working group with the task of following him flawlessly throughout the project execution process. 90% of the company is made up of professionals under 40. Umbra Packaging makes use of collaborators selected in a widespread manner and the combination of experience and professionalism allows us to manage any type of project. flawlessly throughout the project execution process.

We are constantly evolving

Our customers

All our creations and inventions allow customers to have maximum flexibility and efficiency, at the same time significantly reducing costs and maintenance times.