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Umbra Packaging

Umbra Packaging s.r.l. is an italian company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of packaging systems for bulk, powder and granular products, in bags of any type, material and size, as well as “big bag” filling systems. Umbra Packaging BAGGING and PALLETISING LINES are designed to be used in the most diverse sectors: pet food; cereal and seed production; livestock; animal feed; supplements; vitamins and antibiotics for animals.

The range of packaging machines manufactured by Umbra Packaging offers a solution to the most diverse application requirements, combining the main qualities currently required by increasingly demanding, knowledgeable customers. Umbra Packaging s.r.l. can also upgrade existing systems, perform all maintenance work and provide specific support and remote assistance services.

Our Team

A key aspect for the success of Umbra Packaging is the strength and cohesion of our team, who work constantly and steadfastly in close collaboration to achieve the common goal of company growth. The Company structure consists of several Departments, each dedicated to a field of application. Every customer is assigned to a work group that will ensure impeccable customer service throughout the project execution process. 90% of the company employees are professionals under 40. By relying on carefully selected human resources and combining experience and professionalism, the company is able manage every type of project.

Towards Continuous Evolution

Our Clients

All our creations and inventions allow customers to have maximum flexibility and efficiency, while significantly decreasing maintenance costs and times.