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Umbra Packaging

Umbra Packaging s.r.l. is an italian company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of packaging systems for bulk, powder and granular products, in bags of any type, material and size, as well as “big bag” filling systems. Umbra Packaging BAGGING and PALLETISING LINES are designed to be used in the most diverse sectors: pet food; cereal and seed production; livestock; animal feed; supplements; vitamins and antibiotics for animals.

The range of packaging machines manufactured by Umbra Packaging offers a solution to the most diverse application requirements, combining the main qualities currently required by increasingly demanding, knowledgeable customers. Umbra Packaging s.r.l. can also upgrade existing systems, perform all maintenance work and provide specific support and remote assistance services.

Our Team

A key aspect for the success of Umbra Packaging is the strength and cohesion of our team, who work constantly and steadfastly in close collaboration to achieve the common goal of company growth. The Company structure consists of several Departments, each dedicated to a field of application. Every customer is assigned to a work group that will ensure impeccable customer service throughout the project execution process. 90% of the company employees are professionals under 40. By relying on carefully selected human resources and combining experience and professionalism, the company is able manage every type of project.

Towards Continuous Evolution

1995 Umbra Packaging foundation and UP1000 invention

In 1995, Umbra Packaging was born from the idea of two specialists in packaging processes. From the get-go, the Company’s mission was to develop and provide customers, initially only Italian, with technology and services capable of raising their production standards. In this early stage, a milestone was the invention of the “UP 1000” first packaging line, which was immediately acknowledged by the whole market as completely revolutionary compared to the machines on the market at that time. With the possibility, on one hand, of processing a wide range of sizes at good speeds and, on the other, of being able to embed different sealing systems, the UP1000 was immediately seen by the market as the right combination of flexibility and production efficiency, thus becoming immediately attractive and highly sought after.

1998 Umbra Packaging – Pet Food Division

It was 1998 when Umbra Packaging – leveraging its founders’ experience and following the immediate success of the first packaging line it had launched on the market, and after gaining many customers in the animal feed sectors – decided to set up a special division for the study and development of processes for the Pet Food sector. As a result, Umbra Packaging first carried out an in-depth study concerning the packaging used in this industry, as well as the sealing systems required in the field. After several achievements, in the following years Umbra was no longer simply considered a machinery manufacturing company but, thanks to the dedicated service of the relevant Department, it became a landmark for all the Italian pet food companies that sought to evolve in line with the ever innovative inputs that this market required.

2001 Umbra Packaging – Palletising systems

After 6 years in business, following its customers’ continuous demand for the supply of complete systems also including the installation of palletising systems, Umbra Packaging designed and manufactured its first “UPR” palletiser in various models, depending on the required speeds. Thanks to that, Umbra Packaging, which was increasingly appreciated in the home and European market, began to manage and supply complete “turnkey” systems, taking care of all design and construction stages as well as issuing certifications. The UPR palletiser made its way into Italian companies as a symbol of flexibility – given its ability to process all types of bags – as well as high efficiency and reliability, thanks to the possibility of being used 24 hours a day at low maintenance costs.

2005 Umbra Packaging – Powder Division

In 2005, in the wake of the experience gained and the success achieved in the animal feed industry, the Company decided to set up and invest in a designated Department specialising in the analysis of packaging processes for powder products. It was precisely thanks to the new Division that in the same year Umbra launched its new UPS EVO to cater for the human nutrition, chemical and pharmaceutical markets. The ability to process bags of all materials and be equipped with different types of closure made the newborn machine very attractive and gave Umbra Packaging’s customers the opportunity to keep up with the changes that the market constantly required, with no need for modifications. After launch, the UPS EVO was in great demand in the human nutrition sectors, successfully establishing itself in the milling and powdered milk markets, as well as in those for animal feed ingredients and supplements, and in the chemical industry.

2012 – 2015 Business evolution

After complementing its range of products with comprehensive solutions for its customers, the Company decided to strengthen its business position in Europe and to expand to non-EU countries in a determined and structured way. Relying on a young, knowledgeable team, Umbra Packaging implemented business strategies aimed at rapidly developing and advancing the Umbra Packaging brand in the world. The results were immediately satisfactory, and Umbra Packaging began to grow thanks to the acquisition of new markets and the consolidation of the local one. Business expansion policies increased year after year and, in early 2013, the first subsidiary was established in Brazil with the Sao-Paolo-based Umbra Packaging Brasil Ltda, which was to be followed by the American headquarters located in New York, between 2014 and 2015. Today, Umbra Packaging boasts a business structure which is active worldwide in over 30 countries. 2016 – 2019

2016 – 2019 The new generation of machines

Thanks to strong, continuous investments in Research and Development, and to the creation of an in-house R&D Department, between 2015 and early 2017 Umbra Packaging launched on the market a new generation of patented machines with superior technological content.
In order to meet all customers’ needs in the field of animal feed, mini UPS models were designed and manufactured along with the new UP 1000 PRO and UPD EVO PRO, which allowed the company to become an undisputed global leader in the pet food market. In the powder sector, the new Hygienic UPS was presented, suitable for all customers processing powders in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Clients

All our creations and inventions allow customers to have maximum flexibility and efficiency, while significantly decreasing maintenance costs and times.