Research and Development

A distinctive symbol at the core of “Umbra Packaging s.r.l.” business is the “R&D DEPARTMENT” which, thanks to major, constant investments as well as continuous work focused on research and development of new specific technologies for different application sectors, makes it possible for the Company to maintain over time its leadership in the target market at European and world levels.

Our company, which has always been sensitive to customer needs, is constantly committed to pursuing research and development, in order to be able to offer a superior quality product in terms of efficiency and technological content.

A team focused on customers

Our machines are developed in line with our customers’ specific needs. All machines are assembled and tested in-house, and then commissioned together with the customer. Finally, they are disassembled, transported and reassembled at the Customer’s premises. Subsequently, the Customer is assured continuous support, thanks to our presence in a number of countries, from Italy to Brazil, to North America, and to our remote support personnel, ready to meet every customer requirements.

Innovative technologies

It is precisely as a result of the activity carried out by the Company’s own “Research and Development” Division that a whole range of new generation products could be launched, including the development of the historical, ever appreciated UP 1000 model, the new high-performance UPD EVO PRO, and our UPS MINI for small sizes. All our creations and inventions allow customers to have the utmost flexibility and efficiency, while significantly cutting maintenance costs and time. These developments have allowed us to acquire new market shares and placed us at the forefront of the packaging market, also thanks to the excellent technological efficiency achieved that enables us to assure high safety in the bagging process.

As a result of the research and development of new technologies, our bagging lines can process different types of bags and sizes, from 200g to 50Kg, and are designed to provide any sealing system in the market.
For these reasons and for the passion that our Company devotes to customer service through Research and Development processes, many of the most important European and global companies have chosen and continue to choose Umbra Packaging technology.

Le nostre Certificazioni

Our Patents

Dust trap cone

Packaging system and automatic discharge cone for small sizes

Exhaust cone and automatic management system for small and large formats

Construction design of the packaging machine