UP 1000 - Umbra Packaging

UP 1000


The UP 1000 bagging machine packages granular or powder products in 1 to 50 kg bags. Production capacity up to 1000 bags/hour. 

UP 1000
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Optional system

  • Print-apply labelling system
  • Bag sealing and forming system starting from a PVC tubular reel
  • Additional sealing system using pulse / hot bars
  • Closing system with crepe paper
  • Internal liner sealing system using hot bars
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging System
  • System to remove air in the bag
  • Ink-jet marking system
  • Tag application system
  • Weight control
  • Metal Detectors

Main feature

Processable bags

Zippers; top sliders; bags with handles; Velcro; front zippers; traditional bags with gluing. Processable bag materials: paper; plastic; PE; laminates; raffia

Bag type

Bag size: 1 to 50 Kg Multiple-tier empty bag storage system


Electronic weighing system with belt feeding or “easy clean” gravity. Weight control

Filling system

Bag filling system without gusset deformation


Air elimination system inside the product

Closing systems

Hot bar sealing; pulse bar sealing; fold; pinch-top; gluing; simple seam; crepe paper seam

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UP 1000