UPF - Umbra Packaging



Automatic bundling machine with heat-shrink film, grouper, feeding belt and pusher.

Production capacity up to 60 bags/minute – 3600 s/h

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Technical data

  • The machine has a painted steel supporting frame and consists of: Motorised modular feeding belt, with variable speed by means of inverter and adjustable width guides
  • Flap folding device
  • Product check/stop for push go-ahead
  • Plate for bundle formation
  • Multi-row pneumatic pusher for bundle formation and product push over bar
  • Product upper sealing unit with brushes, adjustable in height
  • Motorised lower and upper film reel unwinding
  • Electrical panel with PLC and control panel
  • Pneumatic sealing bar for film cutting and heat sealing with Teflon-coated insert
  • Usable film band: max. 900 mm
  • Maximum product conveying height 380 mm
  • Product sealing pneumatic presser over bar, adjustable in height
  • Metal mesh tunnel conveyor belt with adjustable speed by inverter
  • Heat-shrink tunnel with hood sized as follows: Le= 1500 x Wi= 900 x H=500mm
  • Temperature inside the tunnel displayed and adjusted via a temperature controller
  • Oversized package cooling device mounted at the tunnel exit
  • Various possible combinations
  • High flexibility


Machine type

Bag type

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