UP 1000 PRO


Pet Food packaging line: the UP1000 PRO packs granular products in open mouth bags from 1 to 25kg.
Production capacity up to 1000 bags / hour
Bag type: Preformed - open mouth, with or without bellows, with or without handle
Bags dimensions: Min 180 × 300 - Max 600 × 1150
Doser: Net weight by gravity or "easy-clean" belt

Main features

Format and weight

Electronic weighing system with "easy clean" belt or gravity feed

Filling system

Bag filling system without deformation of the bellows


Cleaning the sack selvedge

Workable bags

Zipper; top slider; bags with handles; velcro; front zipper; traditional bags; fold and glue; pinch-top; Doy-pack; Squid


Multi-position empty bag magazine

Possibility of vacuum packing

Air elimination system inside the product


Additional alignment system


Accuracy in weighing

Locking systems

Hot bar welding; impulse bar welding; fold; pinch-top; gluing; simple stitching; stitching with crepe paper

Workable bag materials

paper; plastic; PE; coupled; raffia

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